Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere! (Even In a Random Guy's Shirt)

We asked Leslie of Crooked Stamper what inspires her. This is what she said:

What inspires me? I get inspiration from some very strange places, most of them things I never noticed before I became a stamper and card-maker. Things like the colors of the stripes on the shirt of the guy in front of me on the train, or a co-worker’s sweater and purse combo. Last summer I noticed a bunch of the new Land’s End polo shirt colors were exact matches for the new Stampin’ Up! In Colors, and of course, I needed to buy them! (The shirts AND the card stock!) Using these things in my environment, I started out innocently enough making “normal” cards – you know: Birthday, Thank You, Anniversary.

I also do some of the color challenges on various Web sites and blogs to stretch myself - make myself go outside of my comfort zone. Most of us have go-to colors, and I need to be pulled out of my rut every once in a while.

Then there’s my typical not-so-neat craft area. Some of the card stock that piles up next to my paper cutter is a great source for color combos. I made part of this card out of a pile of paper scraps – just trimmed strips I almost threw away.

Then I started seeing stamps with not-so-normal sentiments, and seeing humor in things people said, or quotes that I’d read, and thought: wow - that would be so funny on a card. Thus, I found myself going down the “irreverent” path. Like this one … which is a modification of something one of my Tweeps said one night, or this one, which is one of my best selling cards.

I paired it with an image I got from my local stamp store. I like that I can make her say anything I want. A lot of my repeat customers at my local farmers’ markets say, “Well, you won’t see this at Hallmark!” I like to think I’m filling a niche that The Big Guys missed. ;-)

Then there’s blogs. I subscribe to dozens of crafty blogs, and I see what other people are doing with stamps I already have, or see other stamp sets I must now own, so I can make my own creations.

Inspiration: It’s Everywhere! Just open your eyes!

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