Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello Etsy Artists Selected!!!!

Hi everyone!  We finally sat down to review and select the artists to represent CREST at the Smithsonian for the Hello Etsy Summit.  We had plenty of great entries with fabulous products (that made it all the harder!) and we did our best to select a wide variety with diversity to show what CREST can do and is all about.

So without further adieu, here they are:

Shop Name: Wunder Around from College Park, Maryland
Product Description: I dare you to resist touching a beautiful blue sky. This tri-color incalmo vase is great for grasping, gazing or your favorite flower. How it’s made:Cups of color in transparent and opaque blue were made then fitted together with a third shade of blue sandwiched between. Once fully joined, a gather of clear glass encompassed the color before being blown and worked into its final shape.
Contact Information: 

Shop Name: Angie's Suds 'n Such from Manassas, Virginia
Product Description: Cherry Blossom Handmade Soap.  This soap was handmade using the cold process method of soap making.  I used high quality oils that are good for your skin.  Those oils include olive, coconut, and organic palm. 
Contact Information: 

Shop Name: Everything Zen Jewelry from Washington, DC
Product Description: I named this piece Mandir, meaning “Temple” in Sanskrit. This piece formed organically on my bench, a whisper of an Asian Temple. As if it just needed a bit of help from me, for me to breathe life into it. Hand-forged from 4-gauge Sterling Silver.
Contact Information:

Shop Name: SQResources from Arlington, Virginia
Product Description: Asian Garden Quilted Wall Art.A combination of piecing and quilting techniques went into the creation of this beautiful art quilt.Stripped and curved piecing were used to give the feel of the winding paths in this garden of lush peonies and chrysanthemums. The outline quilting of the fans and flowers highlight the beauty. Add some winding leaves and a couple of dragonflies and you are transported to an Asian Garden.  The piece is made with commercial fabrics with gold embellishment. The backing is pieced using a commercial batik with a band of the stripped fabrics. Machine pieced and quilted by me.
Asian Garden measures 36.5 inches wide by 27.5 inches high and colors include shades of gold, coral, pink, sky blue, olive greens, black, yellow, and white. The colors are more intense that the photos can convey.
Contact information: 

Shop Name: Red and Main
Product Description:Who among us does not appreciate the endearing antics of Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson? And who among those fine people would not do anything physically possible to own their own personal Ron Swanson Monster... the Ron Swanster?
Like the real Ron Swanson, Ron Swanster appreciates bacon-wrapped shrimp. It is, after all, his first favorite food wrapped around his third favorite food.
Ron Swanster is hand sculpted from white earthenware clay. He was kiln fired to nearly 1900 degrees, then hand painted in all his meaty glory.  He was polished off with a snazzy coating of varnish. 
Contact Information:

Shop Name: A.W.E. Modern Artisan Jewelry
Product Description: These Hammered Copper Teardrop earrings by A.W.E. Jewelry are being featured in the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards celebrity gift lounge, to be distributed to 100 of the award nominees!
They are completely cut, hammered, oxidized and sealed by hand, and hang from hand formed sterling silver ear wires.
A.W.E. - Inspired by the shapes, textures, and cultures of the world.
Contact Information:

Shop Name: EBN Art Studio from Ashburn, Virginia
Product Description: Beyond Abstraction: NYC Freight No. 2. This modern piece is the second image in my "Beyond Abstraction: Freight" series. One day while my husband was flipping through channels, we stumbled upon a travel show. At one point, they were showing the freight moving in and out of the port of that particular city. I couldn't believe how bright and colorful the containers looked from above! This beautiful view of freight encouraged me to find more aerial shots of these sea containers from various cities and use the images as inspiration for a new series of paintings. This particular painting shows a view of freight in NYC, which provides a new and innovative way to enjoy the brightness of this city in your home. As with the other "Beyond Abstraction" images, I focused on simplified, clean shapes. The other abstract paintings focus on organic shapes, mimicking the natural items that inspire the images. In contrast, this series will decidedly have more geometric shapes and straight edges because of the man-made structures that serve as the muse for these paintings.   
Contact Information:

We give thanks to everyone that applied and we hope that you can come and support our fellow CRESTers that were selected to represent us at the Smithsonian for Hello Etsy.  All selected artists will be contacted via email if any additional information is needed.

As a reminder, Hello Etsy is still looking for volunteers to help with the symposium and give others a break.  This is still a great opportunity to network with local and international experts and artisans, Etsy staff, your fellow CRESTers...don't let this opportunity to learn and exchange pass you by!

Thanks everyone!

 - Linda
   The Twisted Cow

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