Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CREST – Conference Call on September 9, 2011

CREST – Conference Call on September 9, 2011

Attendees:  Fran, Phyllis, Chris, Mary, Linda, Karen, Elizabeth, Suzanne, Jenn

Falling for Handmade 2
·          38 booths have been selected and paid for
o   Booth assignments will be available 9/15/2011
·          Falling for Handmade social networking:
o   Michelle Lowell, collieolliedesigns, developed and is maintaining  www.fallingforhandmade.weebly.com
o   Elizabeth, ebnartstudios, developed and is maintaining fallingforhandmade facebook
o   Elizabeth developing Tentative facebook ad (not developed yet)
o   Fran developed sponsor package and is advertising the show on On-line ads and on Craigs List
o   Asking all CREST members to social network about the show.  The success of this show will allow for bigger and better venues for CREST
·          Show Signage :
o   Michelle designed and purchased 4 signs for proximity of NOVA
o   Requesting that all vendors need to make copies of flyers and distribute at work and in neighborhoods
·          Volunteers needed for the following rolls:
o   Need 2 volunteers to arrive early and draw out booth spaces.  Need to be at gym between 6: 630am. 
o   Fran, Elizabeth, Linda & Chris will get to gym by 6-6:30 to mark gym (Fran to provide exact time – still working the determine time)
o   Registration desk – Coordinator for the day off event; this would be a great role for someone who does not want to be a vendor but willing to lend a hand to keep things going.
o   Need 2 non-vendors to register and direct vendors
o   Goodie bag assembly: Jenn (craftystiches) to coordinate, collect and put together goodie bags for giveaways – Fran to send email with names of vendors
o   Set up/Sign postage for the night before – post signs everywhere
o   Jenn has 10 signs from 2010 Falling for Handmade (Michelle to get with Jenn before ordering more signs)
o   considering a banner for Wakefield/Braddock intersection
o   need volunteers to place sign on day of show
o   Fran to contact Woodson High School to solicit volunteers or local PTA
o   2-3 volunteers/students to rove, provide bathroom breaks –
o   High School Kids to help load/unload and runners
o   Extra hands to cover your spot

·         Volunteers if you have not received information about the event, contact Jennifer.craftystitches@gmail.com
o   Volunteers need to be there NLT 9:30am
·         Featured artists, please contact Linda (thetwistedcow@comcast.net) to coordinate details for your display
o   If you are a featured artist and you have not received an email from me, please contact me at thetwistedcow@comast.net so that I may send you an informational email.

CraftyBastards/Etsy Table
·         We need about 3-4 volunteers to feature our CREST/ETSY table and to work the table. 
o   Volunteers can showcase an item that they create.  You will not be selling anything, but there to promote Etsy, CREST, and yourself.
o   Email Jennifer.craftystitches@gmail.com or Linda G. at thetwistedcow@comcast.net if you are interested

·         We are looking to have CREST do EtsyLabs on a regular basis.  We are looking for CRESTers who are willing to do and EL.
o   First EtsyLab is tentatively scheduled for Sept 24, 2011
§  Fran – topic TBD
§  Suzanne  - discuss vintage are selected for a Featured session for EtsyLab. 
§  If interested, contact Linda thetwistedcow@comcast.net.

CREST Conference Calls
We are looking to have maximum participation on the calls; this is your opportunity to voice your opinion and concerns
·         Meeting on a monthly basis
o   Willing to do impromptu meeting for events
·         Looking for maximum participation to inform, plan, network, and catch-up.

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