Sunday, October 2, 2011

CREST @CraftyBastards

Check out our featured artists at CRAFTYBASTARD. The weather was cold, the rain was coming down but it did not stop us from being fabulous. Over 100 artists were there and the crowds were thick! OMG it was such a fabulous time.

Thank you volunteers:
Deb @Aweshop
Christina @SmokingHaute
Jenn @CraftyStitches

Featured Artists: Red&Main, CraftyStitches, SmokingHaute, TheAweshop, TwistedCow, SudsNSuch, EverythingZenjewelry.


  1. Yay! Awesome pics Jenn! It WAS freezing and rainy but still super fun. I also loved hearing the Etsy people answer all the odd questions from artists and customers about Etsy! One person even asked about Regretsy! heeheehee. I bet they loved that. ;)

  2. Great pics! It was nice to see you, Jenn and Deb. The weather was yucky, but the customers were out in full shopping mode. Glad you had fun!

  3. Yay!! Thanks so much for posting these, Jenn! I've taken a look at the Etsy Flickr page and we all make appearances there too :) Despite the terrible weather, I had a blast with you, Deb, and our new Etsy friends! Hooray Crafty Bastards! :D