Friday, February 29, 2008

Mishutka Design Studio

Petite Wallet in Pink Carnations
This pretty little wallet is perfect for business cards, credit cards, small change and other small items in your purse. Tuck them in and snap it closed! It measures approximately 4 by 5 1/2 inches, is padded with interfacing and would make a terrific small gift for anyone!

About the Artist:
Hello! I'm Irina and I have been a designer for many years, creating pieces that expressed my clients' style and individuality. My fascination with Victorian crafts and home decorating led me to creating vintage-style, yet practical products that transform our living space and make us feel good.

I love the delicate beauty of vintage crafts and I'm inspired by the rich textures of the world around us. I think my customers are very much like me: they want something unique and special that they will enjoy in their busy modern lives.

My Craft Space
I'm surrounded by fabrics, paper, vintage ribbons and lace. I recently found a lovely old shelf on eBay for $5 and my antique lace fits there perfectly! A small drawer keeps needles and threaders in one place. Another useful find: vintage textile bobbins. Tightly wound ribbons better keep their shape and the bobbins make a terrific colorful display!


  1. That wallet is beautiful! I love the fabric!

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