Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kimming Jewelry

Earthtone Gold Bangle Bracelet

Notes from the Artist:
This is my first item worked entirely in gold. It took me months of working with silver to get brave enough! I worked and reworked this bracelet to get it worthy of the price of gold.

My Craft Space:
I've been bed-bound for about a year because of a pressure sore on my butt. (I'm in a wheekchair because of multiple sclerosis. Wheelchairs are notorious for causing pressure sores.) Anyhow I got used to working on my lap with my materials on the table next to me. I keep intending to use my workshop again. But I think I like the light better in my living room. So now my workspace is whereever I feel like parking at the moment.


  1. That bracelet is beautiful!

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