Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ode to Coffee Necklace

Notes from the Artist:
The thing I love about Etsy is that you don't have to
stick with one medium or craft. I tend to create items
that reflect my current tastes and interests. The Ode
to Coffee necklace was inspired by my addiction to
Starbucks coffee (not the caffeine, but the sugar!). I
also like to use found objects. I found the teacup
charms in another etsy shop and had to have them.
Then, I used the colors I associate with coffee to
make the necklace. And that's kind of how I make all
my creations.

My Craft Space:
I do most of my crafting work after my 2-year-old
daughter goes to sleep. And I like to have the
television on in the background. So, I mostly create
on the couch.

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