Saturday, February 28, 2009


Somebody's trash is somebody else's treasure or...somebody's treasure is somebody else's trash.

My name is Maryse. I am French.

I am a professional painter and exhibit in the DC Metro area.
I studied art formerly; I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and drawing and a Masters in Fine Arts in painting and drawing. Previously, I had studied Biology and Chemistry.

I left Europe (I lived in France and Switzerland) when I was 22 to be a volunteer in Niger, West Africa. Since then, I lived in many places; Niger but also Mali, Senegal, Haiti, Egypt, Algeria, Oman and Indonesia.

I also lived in different states in the US, Delaware, Alaska, Washington, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and now North Virginia.

Traveling made me aware of the environment in a big way. I believe in recycling and my art is focusing more and more on re-using products especially paper. I save paper materials and create collages to make tags and bookmarks.
About 15 years ago, I started to create my assemblage brooches using materials I found on my walks and materials people will donate.

I might be moving back overseas soon! Unfortunately my shop might not be able to go with me....

I have a sale right now in my shop Almost everything is on sale, some items are on clearance. Please, come and take a look! Convo me if necessary.

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