Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Take Great Photographs of Your Jewelry: Crest Tutorial

Many thanks to Debby at EurekaEureka for the following tutorial on how to take great photos even if you don't have a great camera.

I don't have the best of digital cameras. In fact it's quite old ( Cool Pix 995) and doesn't have all those fancy settings on it or a special macro lens. It only has a 4x zoom and only about 1/3 the amount of the pixels of the new cameras. About a year ago I thought perhaps I'd bite the bullet and buy a fancier camera so I went looking with my husband at the Canon Rebel that everyone was recommending. Well if I had had about $600 for the camera and then about another $600 for the special macro lens I would have been in business.

My husband is a professional photographer ( of faceted gemstones like we sell in our shop of vintage bead supplies, faceted gemstones and now mineral specimens)and insisted that it wasn't necessary to spend all this money. He kept insisting if I 'improved my lighting' and then did some editing later on in my picture program( Picassa) that I'd be fine. So....... he got these huge pieces of shiny white paper and we taped them to my ceiling and then placed those old Torchiere standing lamps below them and turned them on. ( OBVIOUSLY you don't want to do this and forget and leave the room as these lamps get hot!).

The amount of light that this created was and is amazing! I'm not saying I'm getting the quality that I'd get if I had a fancier camera( although my husband disagrees ) but it made an ENORMOUS difference. I don't use a light box like I've read so many people use - but just this "system" with a lamp also on the table next to the item I'm photographing! Here a few examples of what this system can produce and 3 items I sell in my shops - the bracelet is from my ForeverInStyle Etsy shop and the other 2 items are in our Etsy supplies shop EurekaEureka.


  1. I love the sparkle in that blue gemstone! I really need to work on my photos...

  2. Debby, your photos are so amazing. I can't believe you're not using a lightbox. Do you use just regular ol' lightbulbs?