Saturday, March 29, 2008


Cotton Dish clothes gift set - 4 pieces

Notes from the Artist:
I love to crochet. I started to crochet scrubby/ dish rag/ dish clothes because my sister-in-law told me once that hand-made crochet cotton dish clothes are the best dish clothes she ever had. Then I began to crochet my very own cotton dish clothes and tried them out around the house. Before I noticed, they were in my bathroom, kitchen and dining room! I chose pink and lime green for this set of dish clothes because these funky color are so cheerful and it looks like they will brighten the day when you are doing house chores! :)

My Craft Space:
Many hours I sit in front of my computer to do everything (including counting my safety eyes, I sell those too :) , especially after I join Etsy, I can't believe I am so addicted to Etsy. However, after my daughters go to bed, when I work with yarns (crocheting most of the time), I love to sit in my big old comfy chair, in that chair, I can crochet a lot of stuff!

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