Thursday, March 13, 2008

Debby Arem Designs

RECYCLED CIRCUIT BOARD Merchant Credit Card and Memo DOUBLE Clipboard or KITCHEN COUPONS holder and grocery list NEW Geekery PRODUCT

Notes from the Artist:
I've been a jewelry and accessory designer for over 25 years and DebbyAremDesigns is my shop devoted to items made from recycled circuit boards. My shop currently features jewelry ( pins, earrings, mens' jewelry ) , green office products such as clipboards of various sizes including magnetic ones, bookmarks and keychains , clocks, magnets, picture frames and sun catchers at this time.
I'm always adding new products when the inspiration hits me. One such example of this is the item I've chosen to feature in the blog this week:
This is a new item that I made actually at the request of another Etsian who does craft shows. She contacted me to see if I made any kind of clipboard ( from the recycled circuit boards that I use in all my work ) that would accomodate a credit card slip! It seemed that she realized she needed a clipboard that her customers could use to lean on while signing their credit card slips.
I went ahead and did a custom order for her but then in designing it, my husband suggested it would also be great to have another clip at the opposite end of the clipboard to hold notes. ( this was based on the mini magnetic clipboards that we've sold so many of that you can stick on your fridge or for your child to put on his or her locker to hold notes ). My husband also suggested adding a length of ball chain so that a pen could be attached!
I then realized that this item could also be used in the kitchen to hold your shopping list and coupons and so this new item became something that could serve two purposes !
If it is going to be used for your fridge, for an additional $5 , I add a substantial piece of magnetic tape to the back so it will stay on your fridge without sliding.

My Craft Space:
My studio is in the basement of our home and at this point, I think the recycled circuit boards and vintage beads that I sell through my other Etsy shop - are breeding at night! Whenever I'm lucky enough to find a source to acquire circuit boards that would otherwise be burned , my husband and I get all we can get on our 'rescue mission' which is how I've come to look at it, so we are really bursting at the seams. You can see in one of these pictures some of the circuit boards we recently acquired and in the other picture, you can see the containers where I store circuit boards that I've had cut into smaller shapes that I use in my recycled circuit board jewelry ( pins, earrings and mens' jewelry ). Because I also make clocks and picture frames and magnets ( to name just a few more items in my line ) I also have containers that store vintage cabochons, recycled metal from a local scrap metal facility, recycled metal findings from an old jewelry warehouse that went out of business in Rhode Island ( where I'm from originally ) and anything else I might use in my designs.
I also have my own website

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