Saturday, March 15, 2008

Purple Snow Peas

Spring Ribbon Scarf

Notes from the Artist:
I would like to feature my light-weight scarves. They are a must-have when you are wearing a jean jacket on those cool Spring and Fall evenings. I have several of these in my ETSY shop PurpleSnowpeas. I have matching hats for many of these scarves that are great for the cooler winter weather.

I re-taught myself to knit about two years ago from the "Stitch and Bitch" book and have been making hats and scarves ever since. I also crochet but love to knit-in-the-round - thus my passion for cozy winter hats. My next project that I am embarking on is a line of felted bags. I have made a few for myself and plan to start adding them to my shop at the end of March.

My Craft Space:
As for my art/craft space, I knit in the living room usually while watching MSNBC, LOST, or The Wire:) Here are a few photos of my comfy couch and my recently organized yarn collection - there's a ton more yarn in my closet! I also attached photos of my first craft show with fellow CREST members at the Savage Snowdrop show.

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