Monday, March 17, 2008

Hazel Designs
Victoria Earrings

Notes from the Artist:
I have a fondness for beautiful stones, and love working in all kinds of nifty materials such as semiprecious gemstones, glass, quartz, sterling silver, vermeil, pearls and crystals. My past work has included a lot of sterling silver, but lately I've begun incorporating gold in my pieces, as evidenced by this pair of green and gold earrings. There is just something luxurious and lush about gold, especially combined with an equally opulent color like emerald green. Finally, I am also fascinated with metalwork and hope to develop my skills in this area toward future designs.

My Craft Space:
I turned our spare guest bedroom into my home office, which also doubles as my craft space. For now, my desk provides sufficient space for all my craft work, which also contains my computer, printer, and a bunch of drawers that hold my beads, jewelry supplies, and mailing supplies all within easy reach. In the future I would love to get a bigger work table with lots of cubbyholes and storage nooks, but for right now my sunny yellow craft room is sufficient for my little business.

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