Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sweet Ginger Handbag

Notes from the Artist:
Fabric and yarn are my addiction - my stash is growing day by day. I love to play with the different colors and mix them together to see what happens. Japanese fabrics are also a fav - I use them for my zipper pouches and zip its - its a great way to keep you inner child happ!
Recently, I took a fiber spinning class at a local yarn shop and was amazed at the combinations you can create - the colorway possibilities are endless - and of course, now I am coveting the entire shop of Her rovings are absolutely fabulous so I cannot wait to start spinning up some lovelies soon. I also started blogging recently - so feel free to stop by and see what is new at

My Craft Space:
I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and currently have my machine set up on my desk in the living room - looking out the window so I can enjoy the view! I also do my jewelry and knit in the living room area I have set aside as my 'studio space' . I also use a shoe organizer - with the plastic open pockets - hung on my door to organize my smaller supplies and knitting needles. Its a great way (and cheap) to organize your sewing notions, needles, and smaller knitting supplies .
You can see from the pic that my desk is surrounded by plants and other fun stuff - yes that is a can of bamboo shoots behind my loosestring (also of etsy) pincushion in the pic with the view - I have my wire that I knit with wrapped around it to keep it in place while I am working on the piece of knitted jewelry of the moment.
And of course, anyone who has been in my shop has met Ken - the guy in the banner in his fruit hat - he is one of my two cats and loves to model stuff for me; my other cat Dahlia, prefers to watch out the window for birds.
I would love to use my entire bedroom as a studio space - but haven' t come to terms with sleeping on the floor.


  1. Don't you just love spinning? I know I do! I'll check back in and maybe you'll post some progress pics!

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