Saturday, March 22, 2008

Forgotten Beauty
Rotting Stairs 5x7 Fine art photography print Urban exploration

Notes from the Artist:
I'm a writer who has been exploring photography for a
while now. I love exporing forgotten and forbidden
spaces. Surprisingly, there are a lot of them, and I
like to try to capture the beauty I see in urban
decay. Most of these places have a long history, and I
do a lot of research into those histories before
exploring. I feel it gives me a deeper understanding
of what the place is, what it was and what went on
behind its walls. I very much enjoy photographing the
essence of these places, recording them before time
and progress erase their history.

My Work Space:
Obviously, most of my work is done on location. I have
to travel to these places, and exploring them can be
dangerous. However, it is something I love to do so I
pursue it. As of now, I haven't gotten into much
digital processing (no photo shop!), so what you see
is how I saw it, other than a bit of cropping and
touch up. In the future I plan to explore digital
manipulation a bit more and I have a lot of ideas
brewing. I would like to combine my writing and my

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